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Typical speech sound development

Understanding what is "normal" in a child's speech development can be confusing. Parents know there are errors that are considered "typical" at certain times in a child's life, but wonder when to expect their child to correctly say /l/ words, /r/ words, /s/ words, etc. In 2018, researchers Mcleod & Crowe conducted a cross-linguistic review of acquisition of consonant speech sounds (phonemes) to inform expectations of children's developmental capacity. Ultimately, they determined children across the world acquire consonants at a young age. Typically, by five years old children have acquired most consonants sounds. See the chart below to understand when most children master specific sounds. Unresolved speech disorders can have lasting impacts on a child's social, reading and writing development. If you are concerned about your child's speech skills, contact Jennifer today.


McLeod & Crowe. (2018). Children's Consonant Acquisition in 17 Languages: A Cross-Linguistic Review. American Journal of Speech Language Pathology. Retrieved from:


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